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International Shooting Competition
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The Sport Shooting Club the Locomotive Depot Spišská Nová Ves on behalf of Slovak Shooting Federation invite you to the Rapid Fire Grand Prix of the Slovak Paradise in Spišská Nová Ves:

Date: 7th-10th July 2000
Locality: Shooting range Levoča, 10 km from center of Spišská Nová Ves
Events: Rapid Fire Pistol 60 shots
  • Team Scoring
  • Individual Scoring
Prizes: Prizes Place 1 - 3 (Teams and Individuals)

Preliminary Programme:

07. 07. 2000 Arrival of Delegations
Technical Meeting
08. 07. 2000 Competition (Team Scoring)
09. 07. 2000 Competition (Individual Scoring)
Victory Ceremony
10. 07. 2000 Departure of Delegations

Important Information:

Armes/Ammunition: Slovak Republic Government allows importantion of necessary armes and ammunitions for all shooters participating in competetions of our federation. In our frontiers is necessary to fill the special paper (named Zbrojný sprievodný list) which you will get in in the office there. Any fee don´t pay. It is also passible to visit our consulate and to fill this special paper without any payment too.
VISA: For all nations who will need visa be sure to apply for visa at the Slovak Embassy in your country before leaving.
Accomodation: We will arrange for reservation at:
*** Hotel
  • DM 80.-/single room incl. breakfast
  • DM 100.-/double room incl. breakfast
** Hotel
  • DM 50.-/single room incl. breakfast
  • DM 60.-/double room incl. breakfast
  • DM 40.-/double room wo. breakfast
Entry Fee: DM 40/shooter incl. training
Banquet: free
Payments: All payments to be effected in DM (German Marks) to the organizing committee upon arrival. Credit cards or cheques are not accepted.
Final Entry: Please return the attached entry form before June 10, 2000 to:

Mr. Peter Mlynarčík
Javorová 12/9
052 01 Spišska Nová Ves
Slovak Republic

For additional questions please contact Mr. Mlynarcik at any time at:
Telefón: +421-903-603 912, +421-905-651-341, +421-7-59321433, +421-7-59397509
Fax: +421-965-4427 253
E-mail: klub@pobox.sk or mlynarcik@pobox.sk

Yours sincerely,

Peter Mlynarčík
Organizer of Competition